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This is Rainbow Birthing Season. Your mind and heart are 73% water and the lungs are 83%. During the preceding Rebirth Season, you acknowledged, nurtured, and expanded energy centers. And like plants and water, when they are caressed with intention and thought, they respond. When love is the intention, expansion is the response of these energy centers, and balancing and healing follow like a gift. 


The energy wheels (a.k.a., chakras) from Rebirth Season will continue to expand, heal, and balance during this Birthing Season. The energy wheels in Rebirth Season created a watery womb consisting of the head, heart, womb, will, and your authentic star code (throat). They are like a watery, gelatinous command center in a tree trunk – a command center that will now tune to your limbs during Birthing Season.

This watery command center harmonized as best it could during Rebirth Season and sets the standard for your limbs as they stretch, grow, and birth fruits in this Union | Birthing Season. Expansion is difficult on the physical body. If the nervous system is trembling and causing waves in our wombs, heart, and mind (Rebirth Season energy centers) our trunk must be stabilized to support expansion. Soothing and grounding our waters and tuning our internal sun (Solar Plexus) allows the creation of rainbows to reflect in these waters. Like a plant, the pot determines how deep its roots go and how large its foliage will get. For some of us, the only thing we will birth this season is calmer waters.


During this Birthing Season, you are birthing a new, full-body response to the seasons, nature, people, animals, and the ecosystem shared by all. The new gooey command center you tuned to during Rebirth Season is now birthing and transmitting heart frequency in your electromagnetic field. As your practice grows stronger, so does the presence of the heart.

You and your new gooey heart-tuned command center will be harmonizing your energetic field this birthing season. This season:

  • The first moon cycle includes work with the Third Eye. The Third Eye must adjust to work with a frequency as high as the heart’s. 

  • Then we enter the Hands and then Feet Cycles. The wheels on the limbs hold pressure points to every internal organ. This new heart frequency will message and tune your insides from these points on your hands and feet. 

  • The last cycle is the Earth Star. The atom’s sub particle of the earth’s first birthed light is found in you. This heart energy, when in your electromagnetic field (and after you’ve cleared the static from tuning the Third Eye and adjusting organs and tissues to higher frequency) supports this connection to the Earth and a stronger pulse with the heart. 



Animal synergies could become a language of the Divine this season and Large Cat Medicine is introduced this season (more info in newsletter). Pay attention to the plants that come and go into your life. Offerings left from storms, friends, animals, and unknown nature. Pay attention to nature, she is trying to have a conversation with you and your heart’s new frequency. She’s heard your needs and with every element and messengers of her queendom, she influences them to send you guidance and love.



Birthing Season can birth important transitions. During this season the universe often exaggerates experiences to help you understand what the heart needs. This can happen by falling deep in love with an activity that keeps your focus and devolves time. Or the universe may refuse to help manifest money to push you into an environment you need. This could be a downsize, move across the country, move back home, or move in with parents. 



It’s not only nature given extra magic to communicate with you, also the cosmic waves interacting with the new heart energy you birthed. Nature and the universe want to birth a dialogue with you.

The universe will with birth scenarios just to tell you something on behalf of your heart. Journaling to reflect on these gifts of magic is recommended. Pay attention, transcribe the message, give gratitude, follow the guidance, ask more, and give thanks more. 



These are all suggestions and always follow your inner guru. You can remove last season's items or keep them. Remember to always ask permission and give gratitude when taking anything from nature. 

  • Make a circle shape on your altar. 

  • Add: Shells, clay, mer-lifeforce energy representation (fish, mermaids, sea lions), water, propagate plants that grow roots in water, foliage, flowers in bloom near you, and anything else growing near you.

  • Find a rock or geode to offer as a connection to the Earth Star.



Routines are also rituals. These chosen behaviors are heard louder than words, communicating to the Divine and our body what we intend to focus on — what can be trusted that we will always do. The more solid our routines and rituals are, the more our body can trust us and allow change to occur. Divine energy expanding our consciousness is physically difficult. These contractions and decompressions of energy transmutation will be a slow process if you are not stabilized in healthy rituals and routines. 


This season encourages us to harmonize our waters with the Union energy created with our heart last season. Here are some items to add to your routine as needed that assist in birthing bliss in your sustained calm waters:

  • When truth, understanding, or direction is needed — activate your Angelic, Root, and/or Third Eye energy wheels.

  • When calm being is needed, try chanting. You can:

    • Chant for each specific moon cycle

    • Find your personalized Heart’s Desires Path chant to use at any time

Follow @theomicollective on Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter for additional guidance on these suggestions.



Make sure to include some cleaning in your daily routine. This season, continue the habit of making the time to deep clean, refresh, rearrange, and beautify your space! Beauty manifests beauty. Society has taught us that this is a frivolous investment. However, experience has taught practitioners of this esoteric law that it is a key ingredient to manifesting your heart's desires. Find your definition of authentic beauty, live in it, and surround yourself with it.



This is a good time of year to repot any plants that have outgrown their pots or haven't been repotted in a year or more so that they get fresh nutrients.


Your body can start the process of transitioning to some raw veggies and fruits. We recommend completely raw veggies be a small portion of your diet. Steamed or roasted veggies, spring greens, honey, dandelion root tea and anything locally grown in season is a good place to start. Kosmic Kitchen is a good book to reference when learning to cook with the seasons. 


*Many Rainbow Moon Medicine practitioners feel the need to start the “Divine Masculine| Death Season” diet around the Earth Star Moon Cycle. Some as early as the Feet Moon Cycle. 

Essential Oils

Essential oils for this season include:

  • Rose 

  • Lemon 

  • Peppermint 

  • Lavender



  • Cicadas, frogs, whales, waves, creeks, and rainforests.

  • F# metal singing bowl, and 432 Hz tuned music (these can be used for all seasons).

Union | Birthing Season Playlist




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