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I am conscious of the difference between what I have inherited and what I have to discover and ground on my own.


Energy Wheel

Dark Green


Connects body to the Earth’s energy


Ankles to 1-3 ft. below feet


Rock Placement

Rock between feet or rocks at heels of feet

Feet Energy Wheels


The Chakras are energy fields and the Marmas are the points (or areas) on the skin where there is a strong connection between consciousness and physiology. Marmas and Chakras work together. Chakras often reflect Marmas' energy. 

As we enter the hand and then foot energy wheel moon cycles, it is important to take note of the Marma points on the hands and feet.


Feet Moon Cycle Process

The Hand Moon Cycle gifted us consciousness of the conscious, the Feet Moon Cycle begins to gift us consciousness of the unconscious. Union Season is about refining our communication with the Divine. Pay attention to all signs — especially those brought to us by nature. 


The Foot Energy Wheel helps the body connect to the roots of trees, mycelium network, and the ley lines in the Earth. Our bones are mournfully connected to this network. Trace elements of our ancestors and the soil that supported them are found in our bones, making our skeleton a conduit for the subconscious network beneath the ground. During this moon cycle, we fashion this connection and allow what’s in our subconscious to become conscious. 


Benefits of the Feet Moon Cycle Connection

  • Prepares us to be allied with the Earth Star in the next moon cycle.

  • Affection for the dark. When we consciously work with this energy wheel, we become indebted to the nutrients the unseen provides us.

  • We ground in the laws of nature.

  • The laws and patterns of nature become conscious. 

  • Dreams and signs from nature work assiduously with our subconscious, giving us an inherent drive to work with rituals and nature to strengthen this connection. 

  • We feel a surrender to flow in our bones 



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