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Trust in the magic of being aligned with the space that provides sowing fertile conditions.


Energy Wheel
Earth Star



Positive pole to the Soul Star


1½ - 3½ ft. below the feet


Rock Placement

1½ - 3½ ft. below the feet

Earth Star Energy Wheel

The Earth Star energy wheel is located below the foot energy wheel and within your energetic field. This energy wheel is also known as the “super root.”  While the root and foot energy wheels ground the spine and physical body to ley lines in the Earth, the Earth Star Energy Wheel grounds and regulates your personal energetic field, your chakra system. It does this by syncing your energy field to the rhythms of the earth.


The Earth Star is our anchor to the center of the Earth while we work with universal energies. As explained in our journal, the Earth, Galaxy, and Universe have their own energetic fields and massive energy spirals that can be very disruptive for our bodies. When we intentionally work with The Earth Star, we are able to expand and tune into the gifts within the universal and galactic energy fields while keeping our mental, emotional, physical, and energetic body stable, regulated, and grounded. This helps foster feelings of connection with the Earth, the ability to stay present in day-to-day tasks and routines, and a sense of being rooted in something greater than oneself which is beneficial for self-awareness and clear thinking. 

When Your Earth Star is Not Nurtured

  • Confusion

  • Spiritual psychosis

  • Depression

  • Mood swings

  • Anxiety

  • Limited channeling

  • Disruption of focus

  • Feeling out of touch with oneself and one’s surroundings


Nurture Your Earth Star Energy Wheel

Routinely connect to nature. This can be as simple as activating your  Angelic Energy Wheel, tree bathing, walking barefoot on the ground, or spending time next to large bodies of water. Increase the time or frequency of your rock meditations this cycle. 



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