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Divine Feminine


During Rebirth,  Divine Energy flows to the areas that were prepared by the Moon’s Death season. Energy doesn’t die, but during the Death Season, it transmutes into an energy that can support the emerging divine energy you will birth in the Moon’s birthing season. The Moon Seasons are like tending to a garden and harvesting divine energy. During the rebirth moon season the soil is fertilizing our divine energy seeds and watching them grow, before we harvest. Harvesting is considered the next moon season of “birthing” 


To help our senses harmonize with this emerging divine energy you can optionally, alter the following:



Make an upside down triangle shape on your alter. 

Add: Sprouts, flowers in bloom near you, anything growing near you.

You can also add anything you in nature that is orange, pink, yellow, green and or blue. Remember to always ask permission and give gratitude when taking anything from nature. 



Routines are also rituals. They are behaviors and heard louder than words we telling the Divine and our body what we intend to focus on, what they can trust we will always do. The more solid our routines and rituals are, the more our body can trust us and allow change to occur. Divine energy expanding our consciousness is physically difficult. And these contractions and decompressions of energy transmutation will be a slow process if you don’t are not stabilized in healthy rituals and routines. 



Every year make a habit of deep cleaning your space, refreshing it, rearranging it and Beautifying it! Beauty manifests beauty. Society has taught us this to be a frivolous investment. However, experience has taught practitioners of this esoteric law, that it is a key ingredient to manifesting your heart's desires. Find your definition of authentic beauty. 



This would also be the time of year to add new plants to the house. Green, green, and more green locally grown. 


Your body can start the process of transitioning to some raw veggies and fruits. We recommend completely raw veggies be a small portion of your diet. Steamed or roasted veggies, spring greens, honey, dandelion root tea and anything locally grown in season is a good place to start. Kosmic Kitchen is a good book to reference when learning to cook with the seasons. 


Essential Oils

Essential oils for this season would include lemon, lemon balm, and peppermint 



Birds chirping, F# metal singing bowl, and 432 Hz tuned music (these can be used for all seasons), 

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