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We believe in a soft future.

A future build for us and by us in which our vulnerabilities establish hope.

A future where we grow new systems through the micro details of our own practices.


We grow interdependence

We grow mutual aid

We grow skill sharing

We grow care pods

We grow  sliding scale

We grow  accountability

We grow worker owned coops

We grow pay what you can

We grow reparations

We grow resource pooling

We grow solidarity

We grow life-sustaining practices that center those closest to harm perpetuated by oppressive systems. 


Please use this imagery to promote volunteering and donations for your ward

Thank you DC Mutual Aid for crafting and practicing templates for intimacy and resource pooling in the midst of a global pandemic. (LINK TO DC MUTUAL AID FACEBOOK PAGE)


Below you will find links to download images for all DC ward mutual aid pods with their respective information. Feel free to use these to print out or post digitally for promotion purposes (links to all images below) 

In Solidarity and Love,

The Omi Collective 

Art Work by: Ellie the Cosmic Jelly 

DONATE (Printing Costs) 


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