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As you start to walk on the way, the way appears.” ― Rumi


Energy Wheel

Orange + White


Attracts energy that nurtures the heart’s desires


Hands and arms to heart center


Rock Placement

Center of chest on heart or in palms of each hand

Hand Energy Wheels


The Chakras are energy fields and the Marmas are the points (or areas) on the skin where there is a strong connection between consciousness and physiology. Marmas and Chakras work together. Chakras often reflect Marmas' energy. 

As we enter the hand and then foot energy wheel moon cycles, it is important to take note of the Marma points on the hands and feet.


Hand Moon Cycle Process


This Union/Birthing season we birthed a new green healing energy into our electromagnetic field. This energy will now transition from the electromagnetic field into the energetic ley lines we have in the body. The hands and the feet allow access points to every major organ and bodily function. The hand cycle will enable this new green energy to run through these ley lines in the body and the foot cycle will then sync the body to the ley lines in the earth.

To work with the wheels over your hands you may notice an instinctual need to start eating cleaner during this cycle. When we eat clean the body naturally detoxes because organs don’t have to work as hard to clean your food and can concentrate on the body. This cycle is also a good cycle to start transitioning to eating soups and kitchari. 


Guidance for the Hand Moon Cycle

  • Additional practices to try are Heart Mudra or Mudras in general.

  • Ground through your hands by placing your hands on the ground and moving your body. 



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