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The Lotus Womb Performance Pod

The Lotus Womb is a creative portal and healing oasis tucked away from the fast vibrations of the city--replete with her own activated space, where we can breathe so deeply that the lines we live inside begin to dissolve.

Inside the womb 12 DC local artists have envisioned our collective rainbow evolution. Each dream is designed to charge you with the healing frequencies of color, nurturing creations that sprout from a whole and centered space. 

The Lotus Womb was build in the spring of 2019 and has traveled to 8 pop up locations and community events in the summer of 2019 including SWAP DC, Art All Night, and Night Out for Safety and Liberation.  She is now permanently located at the Madison House DC in Southeast DC.



Introducing the artists...

Hannah Atallah

hannah - hannah atallah s.o..jpg

Hannah Atallah loves creating visual art, especially in community. Community-taught, self-taught and you-tube-taught, Hannah’s work draws on her/their intuition, Palestinian, Lebanese and Irish cultural heritage and the daily inspiration of the DMV.

Screen Shot 2019-08-05 at 11.41.26

Sanam Emami 

Sanam Emami is multi disciplinary artist with a focus on all variables that create space and nurture our receptivity of healing potential of art. She is the head creatrix of The Omi Collective, where she encourages ALL art lovers and artists from as far as the mind’s eye can reach. She aspires to strengthen the bond between all by communing artfully and welcoming as much cray cray an artist or art lover can bring.


Jess Gioe

Jess is a multi-instrumentalist and aspiring producer. She finds solace through the expression of music and movement, and finds joy in holding space for others to express themselves. Seeking a way to record and expand the music she created, Jess learned to use Ableton to produce in 2015. She draws inspiration for composing, producing and mixing from a wide range of genres including bass music, trip-hop and jazz. Jess works full-time as a yoga and meditation instructor. She works with DJs and musicians to create yoga events melded with live mixed soundtracks in order to create an energetically synced experience.

Screen Shot 2019-08-05 at 11.47.27

Stephanie Kiah

She uses various textures, colors, shapes, and materials to create incredibly detailed mixed media figurative and assemblage works. Being conceptual in nature, her work speaks in a direct or subtle tone on issues relevant to this day and time.

ShyamaArt - Shy RaKu.jpg

Shyama Kuver

Shyama is a radiant introvert. Tender and fierce, she is a queer Indo-Fijian woman born and raised in San Francisco, California, now living and learning in Washington, DC. She is a self- and community-taught artist whose work focuses on our spiritual connectedness to each other and other worlds – past, present, and future. Her art explores nature, decolonization, spirituality, the dignity for all beings, and futurity.

haleymckey - Ellie Yanagisawa.jpg

Haley McKey

Haley McKey is an artist living and working in the DC area. In her work, she explores the female figure, the native species that surround us in the DC region, and the symbology of wildlife and plants.


Maryam Rassapour

Maryam is an Iranian/American contemporary fine artist that blends old world Persian art themes with modern, mixed media techniques and primarily focuses on feminist issues. Her work is influenced by her childhood under war conditions and the constraints and struggles imposed on society, women in particular, during the establishment of the Islamic Republic in a post revolutionary Iran. From these experiences, her art evokes the onlookers

emotions and challenges them to follow her into this other life between reality and a dream.

avanti - Ellie Yanagisawa.jpg

Avantika Shenoy

Avantika Shenoy is a mixed media artist based in Washington, D.C., whose work is heavily influenced by her South-Asian roots. Her art draws inspiration from and attention to the resilience of the human mind, healing from trauma & feminism.

Monica Facebook Pic - Monica

Monica Vercillo

Monica is a self-taught artist who moved to the DC area in 2017, after studying environmental science at Duke University. She primarily utilizes acrylic and three dimensional paints, and her art is characterized by bright colors, bold patterns, and unique textures. Outside of her passion for art, Monica is a full-time data analyst, cat mom, and Duke basketball fanatic.

Screen Shot 2019-08-06 at 12.13.11

Nicole Wandera

Nicole Wandera is a prolific multidisciplined artist who creates visuals that inspire, challenge, and change the mind. She commands the brilliant hues of the Mother Land, bringing the colors of her culture together to create a visual medium more felt than seen. Nicole endeavors to use art as a platform to speak about social justice and promote positive change. This is activism through creative expression.


Ellie Yanagisawa

Ellie is a queer Japanese American artist living and working in Washington, DC. Her art captures the unique fruits of the active imagination. She hopes to lead viewers into the surreal canyons of the mind through a visual meditation. Perhaps there, in those in between spaces, viewers will zone in on their own consciousness, communing with a boundless space of creativity previously inaccessible. She believes that beyond this visible world, there is an invisible world striving to manifest, and works to be that clear vessel.

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