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Stillness builds our imaginative capacity to journey through the inner sanctum and pull eternal truths of not just scars of wounds, but memories of our oldest truths of equality, birthing creations that are many steps ahead of what we don’t have words for yet.


Energy Wheel
Third Eye



Communicates with high-frequency energies


Frontal lobe to base of brain


Rock Placement

Behind head at base of skull or center of forehead

Third Eye Energy Wheel

Reminder: We describe the expansion of energy wheels in these moon seasons. This is different from — but in alignment with — other basic chakra explanations commonly found on the internet. 


The Birthing Season starts with the Third Eye energy wheel moon cycle.  The Third Eye is the unconscious mind and is the direct link to your truth. That truth expands your mind to understand the universe as a sibling to us, all of us inheriting our parents' gifts to expand with love.


The Third Eye is also very good at pattern recognition, allowing us to see our shadow’s direct connection to light and allowing our communication to exist in thought and dream form.

Your Third Eye can tune to different frequencies. This impacts the spectrum of light it transmits on. The heart is a high frequency with a dense energy. The anchoring, opposing energy to that is the Earth star. The Birthing Season prepares us for this connection which can only be as strong as the environment supporting it. Chanting and activating the Angelic Energy Wheel help to create a supportive environment. 

Third Eye Moon Cycle Process

Seek the Truth

The language of the Divine is universal and speaks in loaded images of her language. It requires focus as it is “Truth” explained in colors, symbols, patterns, tones, emotions, and imagery. Static needs to be cleared when expanding a Third Eye center to hear this Truth.

Picture yourself floating in the air making snow angels. Your hands and feet are fully stretched out. Your limbs reach the perimeter of your energy body bubble. The space between that perimeter and your body has collected debris (energy) over time. It can be dense static to your mind’s eye. Transmuting this energy will be the first focus of the mind’s eye.

The new energy you’re birthing from the collective energy wheels of the previous Rebirth Season is juicy heart and womb energy that assists in clearing the debris. Think of it as a green gobbler that transmutes that static energy making it easier for your Third Eye to bring into focus “truth.” How much green gobbler we have available for the task is dependent on how much of an intentional energetic Gardner we were in the Rebirth Season. 


Tune and Connect

Your Third Eye can tune to different frequencies. This impacts the spectrum of light it transmits on. The heart is a high frequency and, therefore, has an opposing denser energy. The goal is for the anchoring, opposing energy to be the Earth Star. Your work through the entire Birthing Season to prepares you for this connection. The connection is only as strong as the environment can support.  Chanting and activating the Angelic Energy Wheel help create a supportive environment. 

Guidance for the Third Eye Moon Cycle

  • Writing, journaling, and making other art is one of the best practices to wade through conditioned thinking to the truth and to tune your Third Eye.

  • Chant and activate the Angelic Energy Wheel to help create a supportive environment. 

  • Pay special attention to your dreams, record them, and revisit them at a later time looking for patterns that may have emerged and communicated to you.

  • Be still under moonlight and reflect as the moonlight recharges the intuitive center of your Third Eye.



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