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Energy Wheel



Command center of communication


Above sternum to brow line


Rock Placement

Light rock on throat (or on sides of head by ears)

When I speak, I am in tune with The Divine.
When I speak, my mind, body, and heart are all aligned.
I have the will to transmit a life that I trust.

Throat Energy Wheel

The throat energy wheel is where we express our most authentic self. Though this wheel is near our throat, it also encompasses the thymus gland. This gland has a big responsibility when it’s active — helping the body protect itself against autoimmunity which occurs when the immune system turns against itself. Therefore, the thymus plays a vital role in the lymphatic system (your body’s defense network) and endocrine system. This wheel also connects this function to our pineal gland. New science indicates the intersection of these two glands is responsible for our youthfulness. 

Thymus originated from the Greek word thymos, which means “warty excrescence," “soul,” or “spirit.” Vishuddha, the most common Sanskrit name for the throat chakra, means “pure” or “purification.” Vi means “especially.” So, a more accurate translation is “especially pure.” Because the element of nature associated with Vishuddha chakra is Ether, this wheel deals with the essence of emptiness in which our true selves exist.

The function of this energy wheel is more focused on the purification of our expression so our soul can exist in its most authentic form, then the actual speaking our throat does. And, like the Thymus gland, the development of this expression peeks in puberty and then diminishes over time. 

A central command center for communication

Our intent with this explanation is to expand the normalized view of the Throat Energy Wheel  being about “speaking” and throat issues. It is a central command center for giving and expressing communication. However, when it comes to communication, nonverbal expression is more responsible for our communication than words themselves.


We use nonverbal communication to:

  • Convey meaning

  • Provide information

  • Regulate interactions

  • Express our identities

  • Indicate relational standing. 


And when it comes to our energetic health, the most important communication or expression our health is dependent on, is the expression of our authentic self.

Throat Moon Cycle Process

If balance is not present:

We hide our authentic expression or suppress others' expressions and create a breakdown of our immune system making us more susceptible to disease and throat issues. 

If balance is present:

Youthfulness becomes a part of our expression.


Guidance for the Throat Moon Cycle

During this moon cycle, it is important to:


  • Honor all the whimsical and exaggerated expressions we obsessed over when we were younger. When we honor and celebrate this, it gives permission to the authentic you to emerge, thrive, and evolve. Observe the influences shaming this expression that create barriers and obstacles for your most authentic self to thrive. These may be people you are mourning who have been removed from your life or will be in the future. 

  • Notice if you shame or engage in anything less than celebrating others' expressions. Make a commitment to celebrate others' unique expressions. 

  • Watch for signs you are creating an imbalance through suppression imbalances including fear of speaking, introversion and excessive shyness, small or weak voice, and poor rhythm. 

  • Practice speaking the truth, listening, and resonating. Make sure to create space for others to do the same.

  • Aggression imbalance prevents others from expressing themselves. This includes loud dominating voice, interrupting conversations, inability to listen, gossiping, and shaming.

  • Resolution when experiencing aggression or other imbalances include: relaxing neck and shoulder techniques, dropping the tongue from the rough of mouth, singing, chanting, and other inner child healing.



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