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In the rich crib of darkness, seeds conduct the voice of light. The husks hold halos of sun and each bloom mimics its maker. How tall they stand in color, singing their gorgeous songs to the endless sky.


Energy Wheel



Harmonizes brain with the heart


Entire brain


Rock Placement

At both ears or use one and rotate ears

Ear Energy Wheel


The Ear Energy Wheel function is often included in the familiar Crown Chakra description. The Ear Energy Wheel helps us hear Divine communication but only through thought – while the Crown allows us to communicate through the Third Eye and Throat.

Harmonize your heart and brain

Focusing on the Ear Energy Wheel alone allows us to work on harmonizing the heart and the brain separate from the Crown which develops the ability to hear higher frequencies. 

Our energy wheels expand when our brain's electromagnetic field is harmonized with our heart’s electromagnetic field. The heart’s electromagnetic field is 10 times stronger than the mind's, yet our mind typically wants to dominate the heart. When we allow this domination, the mind creates “ego manifestations.” These manifestations help us yield to the heart’s will typically through associating these manifestations with heartache and loss.


Ear Moon Cycle Process

The moon and heart’s goal during this cycle is to clear and energetically tune this energy wheel to the heart gifting us clairaudience. This energy wheel helps us to receive Divine guidance and not just hear our next steps more clearly, but trust them. When following the heart’s lead, we learn to take new steps that are not instinctual to us.


This energy wheel helps us:

  • Receive communication in the form of words, phrases, songs, or tones to give us the guidance we need to stay on our heart’s desires path. 

  • Recognize our direct connection to the Divine

  • “Tune in” to receive positive guidance and support for our heart’s desires path and purpose

You will know if your ear energy wheel is working properly if the things you are hearing are positive, uplifting, and supportive.


If balance is not present:

  • You are hearing negativity, judgment, and criticism (thoughts and fears coming from the ego and mind)

  • You believe the harsh narratives you are telling yourself

  • You blame others for your emotional reactions during this cycle


To achieve balance:

  • Take control of your mind's thoughts 

  • Gift yourself with soothing sounds, reiki, nature sounds, and forest bathing

  • Imagine and journal narratives that combat negative thoughts 

  • Envision love in a wild and boundless way by journaling or imagining a future of your wildest dreams

  • Work on a vision board

  • Consult your tarot cards and dreams for the Divine’s guidance


Guidance for the Ear Moon Cycle

You are accountable for your feelings and the stories you tell yourself. Resist blaming others for your emotional reactions during this cycle and believing the harsh narratives you are telling yourself.


In the absence of information (especially other people’s motives) we fill In this blank unknown with information either derived from our wounds or communication from the Divine. The Divine is not harsh nor judgmental.


Regardless of others' motives, we need to see ourself with the loving truth that is not defined by others. It is important to remember that negative thoughts need to be met with kindness but a forceful will.



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