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Finding constellations of meaning instead of forced reconciliations.
Connecting and understanding instead of forcing.

The Sacral Energy Wheel

  • Shares space with the universe as:

  • A portal allowing energy to manifest life whether it’s a seed or an egg. 

  • Direct channel to the universe, allowing us to be a partner in co-creation. 


Teaches how to thrive by nurturing self and our relationship to everything that inhabits space around us, including:

  • Our energy and our relationship to thev entire ecosystem we share. 

  • Our relationship to the water that held us in the womb while we absorbed our mother, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers past.

  • The relationship we have with our self. 

  • The relationship we have with people, animals, plants, air, water, and earth. 


Prevents us from the destruction of self and our life force energy.


Gets blocked by fear, especially the fear of death.  


This Sacral Moon Cycle Process

Starts purifying relationships, especially those that negatively affect our life-force.


Lends us lessons in learning to be a co-creator with the universe.


Lessons on Co-Creating with the Universe...

We must achieve a balanced Union of the Divine Feminine and Dvinine Masculine energy, just as the Universe has.


If balance is not present:

Too much masculine -- aggression and domination, attempts to dominate nature and it’s natural cycles (conflicting with the Universal Laws of Creation)

Too much feminine, and we get disempowerment and stagnation

A death of life-force energy and/or a death of self will occur. 


To achieve balance:

The Universe will focus manifestation to destroy relationships that are causing the imbalance.

A death of Divine Masculine self-governing behavior will have to occur to allow room for Divine Feminine to nurture imbalanced relationships. (OR is a death of DF ever needed?


Guidance for this Sacral Moon Cycle:

Open your mind to your heart and learn how you need to approach self-government.

Accept the principles of the Divine Feminine as the Empress of Self

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