♅ᎩᎠᏒᕱϮꂅᎠ ᎳԾოꊼภ: Art Lounge and Healing Bazaar

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Brookland Arts Walk - The EWBA Store 

716 Monroe Street Studio 1 (Next to Brookland Pint) 

Washington DC


A month long pop up of 14 local womxn artists and their multi-spirited creations of all kinds-- intuiting what is needed for our greatest nourishment

By Womxn for ALL

All Featured Residents

Shop Hours

Saturday 9-4PM (6PM Evening Ticketed Event see calendar) 

Sunday  6PM (6PM Evening Ticketed Event see calendar) 

Hydrated Womxn is

soothing our internal waters-our emotional body

mirroring our nourishment as the nourishment of Mother Earth herself 

& unearthing our nature to flow positive change through clarity, circulation, and creativity. 

With W A T E R as our guide--the collaborations of color, sound, and movement emerge to crystalize the season and invite a process of expression that keeps us all hydrated

◦❍◦ Dragons|Mermaids|Unicorns|Space Angel Consultants ◦❍◦

Each weekend the theme is collaborated with the elements of air, earth, fire, and water. These elements are inspired by imaginative visual artist Naomi Christianson’s mystical guardians of the air, water, earth, and etherial space;

|dragons|mermaids|unicorns|space angel consultants


Her intricate dreamscapes of the heart’s path guide the inward journey through the imaginative mind’s eye nudging us with colors to celebrate the truth in the hidden, the unseen, and the potential creations never experienced before in spaces we have yet to believe in.

◦❍◦ Event Offerings ◦❍◦

The culmination of the interdisciplinary artistic creations will be showcased on Friday and Saturday evenings in interactive ritual and ceremony that will include: live projections, live music, guided art visualizations, performance art, and dance.

Additional events during the residency will include harp and reiki healing, ta-chi workshops, interpretive ritual dance class, ritual circles, Lady DJ workshops, and arts market. Events as they are set will be posted on Facebook and on the event calendar. 

◦❍◦ Healing and Arts Bazaar◦❍◦

Immersive wellness offerings and curated marketplace of

local sustainable womxn artist and creators including  artwork, candles,

aromatherapy products, ritual stones, up-cycled jackets, and healing


All art has been created through up-cycled products and

with sustainability at the core of the process.

☽—> Featuring Residents <—☽

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