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♅ᎩᎠᏒᕱϮꂅᎠ ᎳԾოꊼภ: Art Lounge and Healing Bazaar

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Brookland Arts Walk - The EWBA Store 

716 Monroe Street Studio 1 (Next to Brookland Pint) 

Washington DC


A pop up of 14 local womxn artists and their multi-spirited creations of all kinds-- intuiting what is needed for our greatest nourishment

By Womxn for ALL

Featured Residents

Open Art Lounge & Shop Hours

Saturday 10AM- 4PM

(see calendar for events)

Event Series

New Moon Circles (Monthly)

Full Moon Circles (Monthly)

Tai - Chi Workshop (Twice a Month)

Kosmic Hype Book Club (Biweekly)

Hypnosis & Candle Meditation (Biweekly)

Womxn Who Run w/ the Wolves (art storytelling)

Hydrated Womxn is

soothing our internal waters-our emotional body

mirroring our nourishment as the nourishment of Mother Earth herself 

unearthing our nature to flow positive change through clarity, circulation, and creativity. 

With W A T E R as our guide--the collaborations of color, sound, and movement emerge to crystalize the season and invite a process of expression that keeps the artist in us all hydrated

◦❍◦ Healing and Arts Bazaar◦❍◦

Immersive wellness offerings and curated marketplace of

local sustainable womxn artist and creators including  artwork, candles,

aromatherapy products, ritual stones, up-cycled jackets, and healing


All art has been created through up-cycled products and

with sustainability at the core of the process.

☽—> Featuring Residents <—☽