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☾Naomi Christianson | The Omi Experience☾

Visual Artist & Space Angel Consultant

Naomi's artwork is a visual exploration of feminine expression and the mystical aspects of love. She dives in the inner worlds and transcendent power of womxn -- manifesting a dream world of dragon, unicorns, mermaids, space angel consultants, and queens.

Autumn Labella | Autumn LaBella

Singer/Song Writer & Movement Healer

Autumn LaBella is a singer-songwriter, producer, and musician who continues to professionally
practice and study Therapeutic Recreation. As a licensed Recreation Therapist and being of
light, she teaches Tai chi for Balance, Tai chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention, Tai chi for Relaxation, Tai chi for Energy, and Tai chi for Memory primarily under the teaching of Tai chi Master Dr. Paul Lam of the Tai chi for Health Institute. 

◦❍◦Hydrated Womxn◦❍◦: 

Sundays Ta-Chi for Balance

Orange Moon: Sacral Movement and Visual Meditation 

Jess Geeoh | GeeOh Flows☾

Sound Healer

Jess is a multi-instrumentalist, DJ, and aspiring producer. She finds solace through the expression of music and movement, and finds joy in holding space and providing tools for others to express themselves. Jess works full-time as a yoga and meditation instructor. She works with DJs, musicians, and visual artists to create yoga events melded with live mixed soundtracks in order to create an energetically synced experience.

☾Dorian Blue ☾

Healer-Storyteller &  Intergalactic Composer


Dorian Blue (they/them) is a Black, genderfree healer-storyteller and queer energy alchemist based in Washington, DC. As a community-focused storyteller, Dorian Blue utilizes narrative and visualization as vehicles for collective liberation and individual transformation. As a community organizer with a background in racial justice work, Blue is committed to storytelling as a tool to liberate and empower communities through the repossession of history and collective knowledge. As a community documentarian and historian, Dorian Blue harnesses storytelling as a means of community healing, power reclamation, and collective transformation. Dorian Blue will be facilitating a magical interactive photo installation on Saturdays and Sunday: Interactive Photo Installation cultivating a healing space that centers tarot and photography as tools for healing, manifestation, and divine transformation.




Ellie Yanagisawa | Ellie the Cosmic Jelly

Visual Artist & Cosmic Jelly Fish


Ellie is a queer Japanese American artist living and working in Washington, DC. With her art, she hopes to lead viewers into the surreal canyons of the mind through a visual meditation. Perhaps there, in those in between spaces, viewers will zone in on their own consciousness, communing with a boundless space of creativity previously inaccessible. She believes that beyond this visible world, there is an invisible world striving to manifest, and works to be that clear vessel.

☾ Kara Welch ☾

Angel Harpist & Sonic Healer

Kara felt a kin-level connection to the harp from her Celtic roots since childhood. While healing is not the sole domain of the harp, her ancestral instrument and her intentional sequencing of tones provides a celestial soundtrack for life. She is a certified therapeutic musician with the Music for Healing and Transition Program (MHTP) and trained to meet, match, and move energy with her sonic offerings. Kara will be holding space at Latela on Thursdays for 1:1 reiki musical massage, portals to other dimensions on Friday evening meditations, and uncommon collaborations on Saturday nights.

☾Chantel Bennett ☾

Winsome Witch & Dream Oracle

Chantel uses tarot as a healing practice and method for cosmic connection. Her readings are given with loving kindness tprovide a gentle, yet firm nudge towards your highest self. If you're still feeling stuck or need more spiritual support after your reading, she is also offering dream satchets filled with hand-picked, personal herb blends for you to place under your pillow and charge with your own dreams.

☾Myra Beatrix | Essential Botany☾

Aromatherapist, Sound Fairy & Elixir Queen

Myra seeks to bring healing through sound and plant medicine. As DJ BEATrix, she is a global bass DJ who pulls musical influences from Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe and weaves them together to create fresh sounds. Her performances are energizing, fun, and bassy sets that keep the dance floor moving! Through her company Essential Botany, Myra offers high-vibrational personal care products and essential oil blends to heal and uplift the mind, body, heart, and spirit. Myra also dabbles in creating nourishing and delicious elixirs that support bodily wellness and heighten spiritual connection.

☾Zsameria | Swap DC☾

Style Guru & Mama Earth Lover

Zsameria Rayford is the co-creator of SwapDC, a Washington, DC based company aimed to bring awareness to the consequences of consumerism on our environment and culture. She hopes to creatively promote recycling and cultivate community engagement by way of up-cycled fashion. Known for her unique style approach, this DC native uses her eclectic background, years in the fashion industry, and strategic community development to pave the way to create and build environmental literacy.

☾Sanam Emami ☾

Space Alchemist & Art Lounge Priestess

Sanam is a multi discplinary artist that serves as Sanam Emami is a space alchemist. Her art dives into all the variables that nurture our ability to receive art. She is the head creatrix/creative director of The Omi Collective, where she encourages ALL art lovers and artists from as far as the mind’s eye can reach. She aspires to strengthen the bond between all by communing artfully and welcoming as much cray cray an artist or art lover can bring.

☾ Michelle Elizabeth | Fire & Bloom☾

Subconscious Sorceress & Oracle Light

Michelle crafts products and experiences that ignite inner magic. She is an NLP Practitioner & Clinical Hypnotherapist. She specializes in helping people reprogram their subconscious so that they can create the life they desire, and thrive. @fireandbloom

☾Carmen Player ☾

Kosmic Hype Woman of the Universe

Carmen heals through the power of words and Affirmation. Carmen's purpose in this realm is to reflect the TRUTH of our Magic and Divinity to each person and to make a positive disturbance in the places given. Carmen birthed the soul-positive clothing line Affirmya Tees. Each item at Affirmya Tees provides an opportunity folks to affirm themselves and others by merely being present. In addition, Carmen provides tangible joy through performance as the drag king Tre d Thickum. Tre, give audiences a 5 minute escape from the outside world and welcomes all to engage in a fully immersive experience.

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