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 Lessons From Shahmaran: A wintering spent underground with Shahmaran, The Queen of Serpents.


(Zine includes paper Azadi Jupiter talisman with instructions on how to activate)


In the Name of the Creator of Rainbows به نام خدای رنگین کمان we have capsulated the protective and fertile energy of Shahmaran onto clay talismans and digitally into this zine for the intention of our collective freedom.


Shahamran is symbolized to render its bearer liberating, protective and greening power to unleash any and all cords to authoritarian hold; while providing expansive clarity to each individual's unique creative role in  Jin, Jiyan, Azadi; Zan Zendegi Azadi: Women, Life, Freedom.


We magnify our intentions by calling upon the technology of Iranian talismans, Kurdish remembrance of goddess rituals, Sufi mysticism, technology of plants and the science of the stars practiced by our ancients, 


**This zine is a 36 page booklet filled with information on the talisman, astrological explanation, analysis and rituals specific to this talisman used to activate  ***



Shahmaran Azadi Zine + Paper Talisman

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