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Find Your Own Chant

Near an alter, or mediation room, find a comfortable position on the floor resting on your knees. Pillow underneath the knees is an option and you may want to put a blanket down. When comfortably on your knees, bend the body forward so your forehead is touching the floor. I bring my hands forward so my forehead is on my hands.


Drop the tongue from the roof of your mouth and become heavy and relaxed. Surrender and offer your body to gravity and the earth. Focus on your forehead, in the space that would be the pupil of the minds eye.


Picture a black hole pulling you. You begin to grow out of it. You watch the roots start to grow through the floor and plunge down through the earth. Watch them grow till they hit the purest water on Earth......


Once they have reached the water, they stop growing and will rest and drink here till the first full moon in March. Watched the roots take a drink of water and follow that water all the way back up to your third-eye.


Once you have fully received the first drink of earth’s water, raise your body so you are sitting in your knees.


Vocalize a prayer of gratitude to the earth for their blessings. Before you ask in prayer for your chants, it’s important ground with your conscious self, that the chant will be the first two words, images, or other sensory responses that are received after you ask.



The ask, repeat in your mind’s eye, “Dearest Earth, please send me my hearts desires path (insert time period). Listen and wait for your first words that often come instantly. 


These two words are you chant for the period of time you designated. Ideally we chant this or our moon cycle chant everyday for 1 minute first thing in the morning. This vibration will travel down your spine, up and through your brain and from the spine and brain the vibration ripples outward though your water, your entire body. Even your bones are made of water among other things. The ripple continues to your energetic field and is denser than the static in your energy bubble. Like a vibration bomb, chants will break apart static and make it more digestible for the green gobbler.

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