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Naomi Christianson: Painter & Space Angel Consultant

Naomi’s artwork is a visual exploration of feminine expression and the mystical aspects of love. Through the use of bright colors, fractured patterns, and mind's eye images she dives into the inner worlds and transcendent power of intuitive knowledge, positivity, and the feminine form and being. Through this pursuit she manifests a dream world of dragons, unicorns, mermaid, and divine queens, hope to remind us of our infinite oneness with all of creation. 

Sanam Emami: Creatrix & Dreamscape Weaver

Interdisciplinary artist writing and creating at the intersection where healing, art, and justice meet. Her art encourages ALL art lovers and artists from as far as the mind’s eye can reach and aspires to strengthen the bond between all by communing artfully.

Nicole Wandera: Painter & Digital Designer

Nicole uses art as a platform for social justice and positive change, using her digital designs to reach hearts and minds

Zsameria: Fashion Guru & Earth Warrior

the co-creator of SwapDC, a Washington, DC based company aimed to bring awareness to the consequences of consumerism on our environment and culture. She hopes to creatively promote recycling and cultivate community engagement by way of up-cycled fashion. Known for her unique style approach, this DC native uses her eclectic background, years in the fashion industry, and strategic community development to pave the way to create and build environmental literacy.

Ellie Yanagisawa: Illustrator and Cosmic Jelly Fish

A self-taught artist living in the District of Columbia. By day she is a front end web developer for an environmental conservation non-profit. By night, she extracts her brain visions onto whatever surface and medium she can find. She finds inspiration in many things, including: the ocean, her dreams, all manga by CLAMP and Junji Ito, anime, art nouveau illustration, shunga, and her Japanese-American identity. In her afterlife, she hopes to become a mastigias papua, or spotted jellyfish, and live in the sea.

Autumn:Singer-Songwriter & Movement Healer

Autumn LaBella is a singer-songwriter, producer, and musician who continues to professionally
practice and study Therapeutic Recreation. As a licensed Recreation Therapist and being of
light, she teaches Tai chi for Balance, Tai chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention, Tai chi for Relaxation, Tai chi for Energy, and Tai chi for Memory primarily under the teaching of Tai chi Master Dr. Paul Lam of the Tai chi for Health Institute. 

Carmen: Kosmic Hype Womxn of the Universe

Carmen heals through the power of words and Affirmation. Carmen's purpose in this realm is to reflect the TRUTH of our Magic and Divinity to each person and to make a positive disturbance in the places given. Carmen birthed the soul-positive clothing line Affirmya Tees. Each item at Affirmya Tees provides an opportunity folks to affirm themselves and others by merely being present. In addition, Carmen provides tangible joy through performance as the drag king Tre d Thickum. Tre, give audiences a 5 minute escape from the outside world and welcomes all to engage in a fully immersive experience.

Chanae Badu: Jewlery Maker, Stylist, & Mermaid

Inspired by nature and nostalgia, Chanae uses metals, crystals, and feathers to craft artful jewelry that empowers the feminine. Her stylings are artful ensembles, artfully paired to fit the highest expression of self.

Jessica Kallista: Collage Artist, Founder, Curator, and Art Instigator at Olly Olly

Her work is often concerned with the everyday, calling to mind the familiar artifacts and ephemera of the mundane and reimagining and transforming them into fantastical dreamlike elements of magical worlds that are just below, above, or somehow beyond our reach.

Shyama Kuver: Illustrator & Futurist Ancestor

Shyama is an Indo-Fijian woman born and raised in San Francisco, California, now living and learning in Washington, DC. She is a self- and community-taught artist whose work focuses on our spiritual connectedness to each other and to other worlds – past, present, and future. Her art explores nature, decolonization, spirituality, the dignity for all beings, and futurity.

Michelle: Subconscious Sorceress & Oracle Light


Michelle crafts products and experiences that ignite inner magic. She is an NLP Practitioner & Clinical Hypnotherapist. She specializes in helping people reprogram their subconscious so that they can create the life they desire, and thrive.

Michael Fischerkeller: Spray Painter & Political Scientist

His stark yet elegant paintings span large canvases, the size and weight consistent with the gravity of the issues to which they speak. Using acrylic spray paint he boldly and symbolically relays his message.

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