Naomi Christianson: Painter & Space Angel Consultant

Her paintings, sketches, and drawings combine intense colors, fractured patterns, and images to communicate to the viewer a pursuit of positivity, the criticality of intuitive knowledge, the celebratory power and strength of the feminine form and being, and a joyful acceptance of the journey life puts in front of her.

Michael Fischerkeller: Spray Painter & Large Cat Owner

His stark yet elegant paintings span large canvases, the size and weight consistent with the gravity of the issues to which they speak. Using acrylic spray paint, a street artist’s medium, he boldly and symbolically relays his message.

Sanam Emami: Creatrix & Dreamscape Weaver

A space alchemist and protector of the space station for the universal love tribe of human race, aka The Omi Collective Art Lounge. She encourages ALL art lovers and artists from as far as the mind’s eye can reach and aspires to strengthen the bond between all by communing artfully.

Yasmin Radbod: Sonic Healer and Medecine Maker

Yasmin is a Reiki Master, musical artist, small business advisor,  and founder of Femme Fatale DC & Baltimore VegFest. She recently released her debut single, “So Good,”  which features all local musicians from Santa Fe, New Mexico. She can often be found with her head in a sage bush, making ceremonial desert stix. 

Monica Vercillo: Mandala Visionary

Monica incorporate vivid colors, detailed patterns, and unique textures in visual expressions of mandalas. 

Nicole Wandera: Painter & Digital Designer

Nicole uses art as a platform for social justice and positive change, using her digital designs to touch the heart and open the mind.

Shyama Kuver: Illustrator & Futurist Ancestor

Shyama is an Indo-Fijian woman born and raised in San Francisco, California, now living and learning in Washington, DC. She is a self- and community-taught artist whose work focuses on our spiritual connectedness to each other and to other worlds – past, present, and future. Her art explores nature, decolonization, spirituality, the dignity for all beings, and futurity.

Chanae Badu: Jewlery Maker, Stylist, & Mermaid

Her creations are inspired by nature and nostalgia. She uses metals, crystals, and feathers to craft artful jewelry that empowers the feminine. Her stylings are artful ensembles, artfully paired to fit the highest expression of self.

Camila Tapia: Painter

Surreal, experimental, and playful, Camila dabbles in anything creative that piques her curiosity. Her artistic vision is to make the world a more engaging, fantastic, and interactive environment to exist in. 

Barbara Muth: Painter & Greyhound Companion

She primarily paints people and animal companions, with an occasional abstraction. . Muth is known as a colorist whose bold and surprising combinations often contrast sharply with the content of her paintings.

Jessica Kallista: Collage Artist, Founder, Curator, and Art Instigator at Olly Olly

Her work is often concerned with the everyday, calling to mind the familiar artifacts and ephemera of the mundane and reimagining and transforming them into fantastical dreamlike elements of magical worlds that are just below, above, or somehow beyond our reach.

Julie Patrick: Photographer

She photographs a unique moment in time to capture patterns, textures, colors, and shapes. Using the surface of water as well as light painting as her canvas, she evokes serenity within the chaos.

Bev Ryan: Painter & Professor

Ryan creates expressionistic figurative work and complex abstracted forms in her paintings. Her work is known for its imaginative subject matter and colorful, painterly surfaces.

Susan Makara: Painter & Art Director

Susan demonstrates a command of the medium with powerful imagery that speaks to the viewer, yet presents a sense of mystery.

Rosemary Covey: Painter, Printer & Woodcutter

She deals with dark themes related to the fragility of life, often laced with a twisted sense of humor. Her installation work starts with fine art printmaking that grows to cover a ballroom, or shrinks to fit inside a small box. Her work is in over forty museum collections worldwide.

Artisia Burton

Artisia Burton is a studio artist living and working in the DMV area.   Art has been a part of her life since day one because both of her parents are artist. They decided to incorporate their love for art in her name (Art:isia) which made her destined to be involved in the art world. Artisia has practiced with various media such as Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Fashion Design, Accessory/Jewelry Design, Printmaking, and Ceramics. Artisia at the young age of 15 directed, produced and hosted her own first fashion show “Africana Fashionista” that showcased her own fashion line as well as local designers in the Prince Georges County area. Currently, Artisia is continuing to create her signature abstract, mixed media 3D dress form art pieces, canvas abstract series, upcycle painted furniture for special events and commission. This year so far Artisia has had her art displayed at Mr. Henry’s Jazz restaurant/bar and Femme Fatale’s Artist Lounge in DC. She also, continues to design and produce fashionable accessories for her “Like Mother. Like Daughter Brand Company" she co-owns with her mother.

Brianna Pippens

Brianna Pippens is a visual and performing artist from Maryland currently living in the District of Columbia. She is a business analyst for the DOE but art is her true passion. As a singer and dancer Brianna uses her connection to music and movement to aid in her creations. She experiments with many different mediums but has always aimed to create images that speak to the beauty, nuances and strength of women in particular. She hopes to continue creating and developing as an artist in the DMV area.

Ellie Yanagisawa: Illustrator and Cosmic Jelly Fish

Ellie Yanagisawa is a self-taught artist living in the District of Columbia. By day she is a front end web developer for an environmental conservation non-profit. By night, she extracts her brain visions onto whatever surface and medium she can find. She finds inspiration in many things, including: the ocean, her dreams, all manga by CLAMP and Junji Ito, anime, art nouveau illustration, shunga, and her Japanese-American identity. In her afterlife, she hopes to become a mastigias papua, or spotted jellyfish, and live in the sea.

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