May you use the unicorn energy to shape a secret space within yourself

Your artist’s shrine to return to.

A deep well where you let your imagination expand

A place where you slowly sink, falling through all the layers of mind and float in the sparkly soup of your favorite dreams.


The Unicorns have come to us with a message 🗯


::Trust your intuition earthlings, there is magic in spaces you have yet to believe in. Develop your psychic abilities and express your inner song::




Candle Ritual

This candle assists you in activating and becoming the most authentic full expression of who you are. Burn this to spark truth, integrity, and authenticity in your life. This candle can be used alongside a vision practice, to bring the dreams that we believe in wholeheartedly into form.




Scented with: Melon & Orange Blossom




This candle arrives with a mini art print by The Omi Experience 

Unicorn Candle | Authenticity & Imagination