Space Angel Consultant connects us with the elements of air & ether. What are space angels? They are the inward guides-our protective and higher selves. They help us ground in the belief that the universe is conspiring in our favor when we engage in dialog with our higher power--the energy that keeps our heart pumping. With the use of meditation, tarot, music, and the arts we are reminded that we are not alone, our cosmic tribes siding with angels, deities, and witches always have our back-- zapping out the illusions of the past, present and future -- One love beam at a time -- PEW PEW PEW!




Candle Ritual

Use this candle to activate third eye and crown chakras- and journey into the ethereal realm. This candle opens the portal of galactic communication with angels. spirit guides, and gatekeepers of the higher realms. Use alongside a mantra or sound healing practice to call in crystalline vibrational energy. (Suggestion: Burn candle after using this candle in your meditation to ground yourself back down into the body). This candle is useful for psychic communication and intuitive development. The quartz stone amplifies high vibrational frequencies to assist in the activation of angelic connection.




This candle arrives with a mini art print by Naomi Christianson & access to a Space Angel Consultant ritual.




This candle is a collaborative project between Fire & Bloom, The Omi Experience, and Sanam Emami. This candle is inspired by artist Naomi Christianson’s mythical visions about the guardians of the elemental realm: Dragons, Unicorns, Mermaids, and Space Angel Consultants.

Space Angel Consultant


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