Sagebrush, Russian Sage and Roses from Iran.


● You can smudge yourself by gently waving the smudge stick across your body vertically and horizontally to cleanse your energetic field, and remove toxins and blockages. Although the plants do their work on their own with such subtle grace, make sure you are in a clear, grounded mental and emotional state before smudging.

● You can smudge your talisman to cleanse them as well: crystals, bells, drums, candles, etc.

● You can offer a smudge stick in gratitude to Earth Mother, Grandmother Moon, the sacred Directions, the Elements, your Ancestors, your Plant Allies, etc.

● You can call on an ally or the beings who love you unconditionally, arching energies, etc. for protection or ask for assistance in a wish you seek to fulfill within yourself or within your outer life

Rose Sage Bundles

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