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"Our glamour, our joy, our magic are not commodities to ripped off and sold back to us by corporations, they are ours. When they try to steal our essence, we slip away like snakes and leave them only the shedded skin.“ - Tourmaline (artist and film maker)


"Rainbow P*ssy" knows that messiness and joy are her tools for heart centered change. Her rainbows are not trivial to any systemic change but absolutely essential. She reminds us all of the abundance available to us when we are our most authentic and badass selves. Rainbow P*ssy invites us to be extra AF and wear rainbow in a sea of gray.


Artwork prints on 18X12 glossy or matte paper.


OG artwork by Naomi Christianson 

All proceeds go to No Justice No Pride



Queen Antidote

$44.00 Regular Price
$37.40Sale Price
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