"Our trans, queer,black, and brown bodies are not responsible for your thoughts and actions" 

This art and words are intented to bring  attention to the "Panic Defense" and unpack the mindset that perpetuates the killing of black and brown trans people. 


Many people believe that if they are attarcted to a trans womnx, they have been tricked or fooled by the womxn's appearance. The anger and rage that then often follows is used as an arachaic defense called the "Panic Defenese" This is a strategy that is used in court to ask a jury to find that a victim's sexual orientation or gender identy is to blame for the defendant's violence reaction. Including Murder. This defense is stil being used in 40 out of 50 states.



This artwork is printed on 18X12 print glossy or matte paper


Funds from poster sales will be donated to NJNP


Art work is a collaboration between Naomi Christianson and Sanam Emami 


More info on the organization:

No Justice No Pride




Not Responsible for Your Thoughts


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