🌊She flows in the deepest yin waters guiding the realm of the water body and the Earth’s emotional body
🌊She transforms with the great shapeshifter from a drop of rain to a stream that fills into a river, and the into expansive ocean
🌊With one belly ocean breath at a time, she softens the expectation of sameness, reminding us that this form is just temporary


💚May you release with flow and ease
🧡May the only sound be the overflow



Mermaid Alchemy | This candle is scented with grapefruit, mint and lemon, inviting in grace, flow, ease, and emotional release. Transform and transcend what you’re holding onto in your body and call in alignment. 

This candle can be used for rituals and intentions of release & flow. We suggest lighting her during a meditation In the shower or bath. 


Each candle in this collection arrives with a small mermaid art print by Naomi Christianson


This candle is a collaborative project between Fire & Bloom, The Omi Experience, and Sanam Emami.

This candle is inspired by artist Naomi Christianson’s mythical visions about the guardians of the elemental realm: Dragons, Unicorns, Mermaids, and Space Angel Consultants.



Mermaid Candle | Flow & Release