8" x 10"


This piece honor’s a dear soul sister’s vision. Ellie feverishly started and finished the piece in 2018 during the Kavanagh hearings, which stirred up a collective trauma, old and deep. This piece kept her centered and grounded throughout. A giant goddess with fifteen breasts and sea foam for hair presses her hand inside the figure’s water body. Bubbles boil inside of her and spill out. Foam Woman forces a goopy, astral projection from out of the figure’s eyes, the windows of her soul. This projection represents your wounds, traumas, anxieties, and hardships. And yet, a fertile garden of ferns and mushrooms erupts from this foundation. This melting, decomposing figure stares deep into Foam Woman’s third eye. There, she sees her own reflection and beyond that, a vision of healing only she knows. Finally, she finds everything she’s been missing and yearning.

Foam Womxn