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The Dragons feed us the protective medicine to ground so we can freely move in S P A C E. As the protectors and guardians of the fire, air, earth, and water space, they choose the element we need at any given time to flow in our authentic power. We can journey across dimesions to memories and dreams when protected under the dragon's wings.  




Candle Ritual 

This candle was crafted to invoke a sense of protection, power, and grounding. Use this candle to activate root chakra and sacral chakra energies or during your meditation practice. Dragon fire energy also assists with the energy of transmutation- alchemizing dense and heavy energies into light, ethereal energies through the dance of the flame.




Scented with Blood Orange, Rosemary, and Sage

This candle arrives with a mini art print by Naomi Christianson 




This candle is a collaborative project between Fire & Bloom, Sanam Emami, & The Omi Experience. This candle is inspired by artist Naomi Christianson’s mythical visions about the guardians of the elemental realm: Dragons, Unicorns, Mermaids, and Space Angel Consultants.

Dragon Candle | Protection & Strength

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