Collaboration between Ellie Yanigasawa and Sanam Emami




Amabie, as it’s known, is an auspicious yokai (a class of supernatural spirits popularised through Japanese folklore) As the story goes, a government official was investigating a mysterious green light in the water in the former Higo province (present-day Kumamoto prefecture). When he arrived at the spot of the light, a glowing-green creature with fishy scales, long hair, three fin-like legs and a beak emerged from the sea.  Amabie introduced itself to the man and predicted two things: a rich harvest would bless the country for the next six years, and a pandemic would ravage the country. However, the mysterious merperson instructed that in order to stave off the disease, people should draw an image of it and share it with as many people as possible.”



Artwork arrives on 18X12  matte or glossy poster paper. If you'd like to order without words please note in your order. 


Amabie & The Black Unicorns

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